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Much better photos, thanks.

The 'hft' is attributed to H. Becker & Co. of Berlin. A maker of military and fire service equipment. Holsters, ammunition pouches, and binocular cases.

I do not collect P.38 holsters, but have quite a few as a result of buying the pistol that the holster came with. I cannot speak to the relative rarity of this one, except to say I do not recall seeing one on the net.

It's interior condition seems to be consistent with the finish on the pistol and the 43 date is also in line with your May of 1943 pistol. The exterior shows the effects of 60+ years of age with no dye or shoe polish added and the stiching all looks good.

It is still collectible with the pistol as a rig. Collectors are looking for honest stuff, and not all want or can afford the mint specimans.

Looking forward to clearer photos of the pistol as you have time.

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