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Giraffe Biltong

Attachment 72081I tried this a few weeks ago in Zimbabwe after a mate had taken a Giraffe on a plains game hunt.
We used about half of one backstrap or about 30 pounds of meat. Remove as much sinew & fat as possible. Cut the meat into half inch strips along the grain. Dip each strip into vinegar before layering in a large plastic wash tub. On top of each layer sprinkle with salt, pepper, ground coriander & spice mix. Special biltong spice mix is available, but I think any spice mix will work.
We had the layers about 8 inches thick when we were finished this step.
Leave the meat to marinate for 24 hours, turning/mixing by hand every 6 hours.
We then hung the meat to dry & were chewing on giraffe jerky 4 days later. A longer drying time may be required but we had dry weather with a light breeze & were keen to try the giraffe.
We had giraffe liver, fried in butter, seasoned with salt & pepper ,the afternoon it was shot, & we had fillet steaks the following night.
After the skinners & helpers were done butchering the animal on the site it was shot, all that was left was a blood stain & the stomach contents- all the approximate 2,000 pounds of animal was used including internal organs such as stomach & intestines.
Giraffe actually tastes nice.
Hopefully the attachment shows the layers of meat marinating in a plastic wash tub.

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