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WISE words, Rodfac. I couldn't agree more.

Have a question for you, though. I am an active LEO who every once in a while has to travel for duty reasons, and obviously I carry my duty pistol (92FS in my case) with me. The procedure in my country is as follows; we check-in at the counter and produce a document we may call "duty order" (stating we are on duty assignment and travel for that reason) together with our badge. Then get a red stamp on our boarding card, and when boarding, a steward/ess will lead us to the cockpit where we report to the Captain. He is, then, the final authority, of course, and has the right to keep the magazines/ammunition with him (NOT the pistol). However, this seldom happens (just once to me), since there's a mutual professional trust, and most Captains just ask us to make sure the weapon is not "hot" and to keep the magazine out of the pistol and an empty chamber. The fact that this one Captain asked for my magazines had to do, IMO, with the fact that this particular guy wasn't an ex-(Spanish) Air Force guy. Question is, how is it done in the States in the event you get LEOs flying in domestic flights with their weapon on them?. Is there any difference regarding that they'd be on duty or travelling on their own for vacation, for example?. My curiosity arose when you mentioned you used to be a pilot .

I ask this because for us here, travelling with firearms on duty is permitted (with the formalities above mentioned) but, off-duty, the Captain can refuse that you travel with your firearm, and you wouln't be able to board. When travelling on vacation, if we do want to travel with firearms, we have to check them in inside our luggage.

@ BGutzman: I'm not a native English speaker, and even though I speak something similar to English , in this case, I haven't explained myself well, I guess. What I mean is that the right to travel safely, therefore, right to life, should be above anyone else's right to carry a firearm. Nothing to do with that you mentioned .

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