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250gr 45/70 Bullets @ Midway ?

As everyone here probably knows already, Midway is having a sale on Blemished bullets...BUT, they don't tell you what bullet you are buying, only a generic description such as (.308 bonded, polimer tip 180gr) -> That description could fit several bullets.

Anyway, I saw that they had some .458 250gr bullets in the bulk lot and I thought hey might make fun plinking ammo for my 45/70 (IF they can be loaded in the lever action and function properly)
So does anyone know which bullet this is?? And, is there even a 250gr bullet available for the 45/70....other than the very expensive Barnes?

Yes, I also wrote midway to ask if the bullet in question was suitable to be loaded in the 45/70 but I anticipate some time before they respond...that is why I am asking if anyone here has the information as well. In my experience, forum members tend to be faster in replying than CSRs.
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