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I bought the LCR with the laser grips installed. They offer both benefits and compromises. The Crimson Trace is smaller and harder than the Hogues which allows them to conceal easily and not snag garments, but they also leave you feeling more recoil, e.g. the .38 +p is not much fun to shoot very long. I remedy this by using light loads which shoot to same POA/POI at 15 yds. for practice.

Laser grips have also allowed my wife and I to practice dry fire at night in our home with terrific improvements in trigger control for us both.

I also have a .45 ACP pistol with Meprolight night sights. After seeing the way that laser lights up a target in the darkness of my bedroom and realizing that I can hold the pistol in any position with a good aim, I have chosen the LCR to slide under my pillow every night. I would just rather have that laser if I was in a fight in the middle of the night.

Don't worry about batteries, just change them when you are concerned. I was won over to the wonder of lasers when I shot a skunk one night in Texas. I was in the passenger seat of a pickup and could not hold my friend's 10MM Glock in a position to see both the sights and the skunk, so I held the pistol above my head with my arm out the window - one shot, one kill, skunk never moved and could not spray that far!

The versatility the laser brings to your shooting positions can shorten a fight and turn it in your favor. As soon as I can afford it, the .45 ACP will get Crimson Trace lasers to add to the Meprolight night sights.

As an aside, I qualified with a Glock 23 duty pistol in "low light" shooting without the aid of either night sights or lasers. It was so dark that when I raised my gun I could not see the black gun, the white dots, or the grey target until other guys on the line began to light up the range with their muzzle flash. We shot out to 15 yds. and I scored 100%; that was better than I did in daylight out to 25 yds. Good practice benefits greatly under duress.

All things considered, I would take a laser on all my pistols if I could afford it, but consistent practice has so far allowed me to perform with what is at hand.
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