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Tritium sites are your more practical option. But there's things I like and don't like about lasers-
I have Crimson trace grips on two of my revolvers. First thing you notice is you'll have to give up your the original grip and if you like the feel of it you'll definitely notice a difference with the CT grips (not that they are bad, just different). And you are right - you can become dependant on them, which is why I often turn them off at the range just so I can get back to basics on aimed fire technique. What I like about laser is its a great real time indicater of how steady your aim is at the range, especially revealing when you switch to weak hand firing practice. Also reveals what happens when you squeeze the trigger. Finally, if you envision a scenario where you are taking cover in a self defense situation and not able to line up your sites, the laser is effective in getting the POI on target from different angles. The other laser systems? don't know about them. Were you considering a particular type?
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