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My grandfather had built a neat little barbecue pit, and I usually had a bunch of deer meat...

So: Barbecued venison ham.

I used the cheapest storebought barbecue sauce I could find, and then added various spices as the mood struck. Plus, Lea&Perrins "Whigglewiggie", butter, a little water, maybe. Always different, but never wrong. Absolutely no salt anywhere along the way.

I'd start with a high heat, with sauce slathered on and turning every five minutes or so--tongs, no fork--until the sauce was glazed. Then, spread the coals (mesquite and live oak plus a little charcoal) to about the equivalent of a 300 degree oven or a bit less.

I'd do a turn-and-baste every twenty minutes or so. Budweiser as needed to keep the cook lubricated but not too well-oiled.

Somewhere around four hours and it would be right at well done, but still quite juicy. That's why the no-salt and use of tongs: Keeps the moisture in.

Had a bunch of these Saturday Sessions. Lots of picking and grinning going on. A fair amount of Sangria, too. I had a standing offer to any "newbie" that if they didn't like the deer meat, I'd cook a tenderloin steak for them. Never did have to make good on that offer.
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