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Lane et al v. Holder et al continues to serve up real entertainment.

The District filed on 7/14 (and uploaded on the 15th) a document with the catchy title "Defendant The District of Columbia's Notice of Filing of Declarations Reflecting Current Status of District Government Efforts to Facilitate Handgun Transfers to Which Other Parties' Filings Have Referred".
(Read it here.)

In this "precious" missive they relate, almost sounding like adolescents breathlessly talking about who-said-what-to-who, that the now infamous Charles Sykes, whose on-then-off-and-(apparently)-now-on-again FFL business (DC's only, ONLY FFL) has, with the magnanimous and completely selfless and un-agenda'd help of the DC Government, apparently, suddenly, miraculously, found the previously highly elusive new locale for Mr Sykes' business - IN THE METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMENT HEADQUARTERS itself!!!

*gorp* Excuse me, I threw up a little...

This type of transparent, unprincipled maneuvering is sooo disgusting.

Obviously this is an attempt to moot the case... the question is, will it succeed?

Any of the more legally sophisticated (meaning no members want to weigh in on this?
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