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"Good thinking. I was getting tired of the huge holes my .25 ACP was making in all the structures around my farm; I mean one shot and you're having to replace a post or put up new siding or something. Don't even get me started on all the engine blocks and farm implements the around the farm .25 ACP has ruined when it slices through like a knife through hot butter...
-- Dr. Strangelove

I meant, using the .25 as an alternative to larger calibers. Even the .22 Long Rifle can easily put a hole in a tin roof. I've fired these .25 ACP loads at the side of an abandoned washer, and it just left a small dent, knocked off some paint, and the flattened ball dropped to the ground. It never penetrated.
An air rifle or pistol might be easier against vermin, but a small .25 fits in the watch pocket of jeans, ready for immediate use.

As for the .25 ACP slicing through engine blocks ... you must have been using some of that newfangled Gatofeo Burn Blast powder for reloading. It's based on my chili recipe ...
"And lo, did I see an ugly cat. Smoke. Brimstone. Holes in parchment. And this ugly cat was much amused." --- The Prophesies of Gatodamus (1503 - 1566)
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