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In doing some clean-up of my files at TFL**, I noticed that the docket for the GeorgiaCarry.Org, Inc., et al v. State of Georgia (GA Church Carry Case) was not working. So I logged into PACER to refresh the danged docket (it now works) and then logged into the 11th Circuit to see what had been happening there.

What I found interesting was the latest filing by John Monroe, a supplemental authority (filed 07/12/2011). Not only did John list the Ezell case, but also the Puerto Rico case!

This is something that none of the other supplemental authority filings have done.

In Ex Parte Roque Cesar Nida Lanausse, the Puerto Rico Court of Appeals (their Supreme Court) ruled that the right to carry outside the home was a guaranteed part of the right.

How much weight a US Circuit Court will give to a territorial high court, remains to be seen.

** Yes, the first two posts in this thread will have a major change in format and content. I'll notify everyone when I put it in place.
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