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I'll ask again..... help plz?!?

Thanks for the input on the short barrel volocities, but I have another problem:

Ok..... anybody know what height ruger rings I need?

Scope is a Leupold 2.5x28 IER.
A bit of poking around at Ruger tells me that:

The Ruger 77 Mk II needs rings of different heights (a taller front ring) when mounting a scope on the receiver conventionally.

The Ruger #1 does not. I has a similar (the same?) "quarter rib" over it's reciever that the Frontier has over it's barrel. I want to put the scope on the rib. Ruger has a rail adapter that allows the use of weaver style rings, but I'd rather not buy that, too, and add any unnecessary height to the equation.

The Frontier is a version of the 77 Mk II.

Same height rings? Or the set with the front ring taller? What height with the IER scope? (Low, extra-Low?)


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