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Looks like a lot of fun. However I wonder why they train to shoot dry, and why they chase targets/bad guys.
Yeah, I wondered myself about chasing the BGs across the range. I'd be running away like a chimp with its butt on fire.

The in the past year I have had training from Rob Pincus, Gabe Suarez and Clint Smith. Running the gun dry is being taught and discussed as a real world fact by all three, and tac loading was discouraged. Suarez in particular like the hi-cap guns for this reason (e.g.; to reduce the need to load). I asked Clint about tac-loading to top off, and he said that if he has to shoot for serious, he's planning on emptying the gun, and whether or not that happens depends solely upon the behavior of the threat. He added that the one or two rounds you have left instantly available in the gun have much more immediate value to you in your immediate future than the potential held in a full magazine. We were encouraged to run dry, to the point of deliberately short-loading magazines in order to generate more practice at speed loading.

Never having been in a gunfight I'm going to listen to the people who have been there. Especially since I paid them good money to teach me how to stay alive.

I'm sorry, but I'm still a little hazy on why you teach students to move forward or backward and stay in the line of fire?????????
As far as staying on line with the threat vector is concerned, retreating down a hallway doesn't give one many options for moving off line, and in fact getting close to the walls can funnel rounds into you, as ricochets tend to come off the wall at a shallower angle then how they hit it. Also, at 0200 with your teenage daughter screaming in her room at the other end of the house, and a known threat between you and her, what else ya gonna do but be aggressive? Hi diddle diddle, straight up the middle.

So I think there are cases for staying on line. There were certainly a number of examples of the students in this video moving off line to indicate that the concept was being addressed by the instructors. Stay flexible.

At the 0:56 mark, the guy in the dark blue shirt sweeps the man to his right with an obviously loaded handgun.
As far as the dark blue shirt guy sweeping the man next to him, I replayed that segment several times, and it did not look that way to me. I thought it looked like the muzzle of his pistol was pointed downward in between himself and his neighbor while he turned.

What I did note was the voluptuous expenditure of ammunition. The high-cap magazine is here to stay, I guess. I can visualize having difficulty legally justifying that much shooting in a defensive situation, but shooting a lot does make folks feel good. (Clintism: "Every bullet you fire has a lawyer attached to it").

Finally, I really liked the low-tech movers. I'm gonna steal that idea PDQ.
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