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Deer neck sandwiches!

Take one deer neck roast and put it in a crockpot, with some Cavanders greek seasoning sprinkle moderatley to kinda cover it lighly with the seasoning. Then add one cup of your favorite BBQ sauce by pouring it over the roast, (we sometimes add onions and other vegetables like celery, or small pieces of carrots etc.) Set the crockpot to medium heat and cook until the bone will easily come out of the roast. Shread the meat into a large cast iron frying pan that you can cover with a lid, Add chopped vegies, and more BBQ sauce and stir until it simmers together. If I add onions at this point, I usually simmer until onions are clear, an adding sauce until its good and juicy.
Put it on an onoin-bun dellllllllicous!!!
This recipe is easy for us men who wants cool pulled meat sandwiches, and like eating the deer necks!! enjoy!
Thanks for coming!
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