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I would also place SELLING value in that 800 range with the two mags and the holster. The pistol is a first variation 43 and looks to be in the mid 90's for finish. Definitely collectible in today's market.

I believe JK MIGHT have mistaken the 'c' suffix for an 'o'. The lack of lighting on the letter makes it pretty tough. Your pistol has the pre-June 1943 two-step extractor cut-out and the 'light' frame made without the hump at the trigger. Both of these features point to the suffix being a 'c'.

In addition, I am not aware of any 1943 'o' block Walthers. Production stopped in the 'n' block that year and the slide stamping had been changed to a straight line AC43 in the late 'L' block.

Hopefully a clear picture of the slide number will clear that up.

Not sure from your posts if you are saying your mags are numbered or not. I would be highly suspect of a pair of numbered mags on a 1943 P.38 that was not East German - post war marked.

The correct magazine markings for that time frame pistol would be ones marked P.38 (without a 'v') on the left side with a single stick eagle/359 on the spine.

Looking forward to more pictures and the holster as well.

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