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ALL recipes, except those baking recipes that rely on stoichiometry for success, are mere jumping off points for real cooks.

Another recipe-less favorite is to bone out a shoulder or ham and stuff the cavity. For pork or venison* I like a blend of wild rice, or Thai red rice, or Thai black rice, or all three, with brandy soaked dried fruits and suitable herbs and spices. Or just the brandied fruits. This can be roasted in the traditional manner or in a tightly covered roasting pan with a sufficient quantity of a suitable liquid (wine, liquor, or broth.) If the cavity is stuffed with only the brandied dried fruit the stuffing can be removed when the roast is done, blended to a puree, and reduced to a sauce for the table.

*Correctly, venison is the meat of any game taken in the hunt, not just deer.
Gee, I'd love to see your data!
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