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re: recoil

As "Deer gun for a 10 year old boy " is the object of the excercise ....... I'm not planning on seeing how fast I can launch bullets.....

I don't have Quickload, but based on my experiences with another short barreled firearm, I'm planning on trying a Speer 160 BTSP (Speer #1634) over a start load of 34 grains of IMR 4064 increasing the charge until I can get to 2400 f/sec....... if that's too much recoil for the sprog (he likes full house .357), I'll drop down to the 145 gr , again with a 2400 f/sec target velocity.

If I had an extra 800-1000 bucks, I'd get a can on the thing, too! ...... but I don't .....
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