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Feral pork done easy...

One tip I have is for thick cuts like hams and roasts...

Stuff it...
Take a knife such as fillet or boning and stab holes from 2-4 inches deep with a little wiggle to make these about 1-1.5 inches wide.

In these you can pack many ingredients...
I have used fat back bacon for keeping it juicy, massive pieces of garlic, pieces of juicy onion, cubes of various citrus including oranges, grapefruit and lemon as well as apple chunks.

I have made up a blend of herbs and spices and tossed these tidbits in it before packing into the stab wounds with excellent results.

If you are using herbs, DON'T forget the married flavor of the sage... Sage is where "sau(pork/pig)-sage" comes from.

Very soon I will resubmit my personal "stuffed pig' recipe/method.

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