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Recipe Thread

To begin with we are going to start 2 new threads. One will be a recipe thread and the other will be a meat handling thread.
The meat handling thread will be for every tip or question regarding from the time the game is down to when it is thawed...

The recipe thread is everything we do from thawed to plate... I know there is a bunch of folks with way more skill in both subjects than me and I have learned a bunch over the years from forums from these folks.

Each will be a single thread and each submission will be done as "replies".

With plenty of use, these will become a string that might have some confusion and frustration but with enuff activity, Art can go to the "higher ups" and request they be converted to a subsection as you see in General discussion regarding the "Photo Contest" section or the Law and Civil rights regarding the old "legal and political" which happens to be locked but you can view the old threads.

If we don't get a decent amount of traffic and activity, we can easily kill these stickys off without getting others involved...


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