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I like shooting long distances. It is fun and helps with my short distance shooting. I don't ever see myself using my long distance skills in a self defense scenario but I still like to push my pistol out there. My grandpa would laugh when someone told him a pistol could shoot somewhat accurately at 80-100 yards. My father and I set a 75 yard gong up on his range. We both hit it with our pistols and he was astonished. Then he tried and also hit it. Now its mostly what he shoots at. That goes to show that an old dog can learn new tricks.

I wouldn't want to take the chance of injuring an innocent bystander with a less than 100% sure shot at 80-100 yards. This is why I would probably run or take cover and call 911. If the aggressor pursued then I would adjust my tactics. I feel its just too much risk poppin caps at 100 yards without controlled range. Then again, who knows. I may have to one day. Its easy for me to say it now but when put in the situation it will be a harder decision.
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