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Since I also have a short barreled rifle (Ruger 260 with 16.5 inch barrel), I've been quite interested in this discussion, but nobody has answered the question that I have, so I'll ask it. In a short barreled rifle, it seems logical to me that the best (most efficient) powder would be one of the faster powders for that caliber. Is that correct? The load I use is about midways between min and max (38.5 gr of IMR4064, behind 120 gr Nosler BT), and is quite accurate, but not what you'd call a hot load at all. I'd like a hotter load, but that bullet with that powder, as I approach maximum, gets considerably less accurate. Would a slower powder in that short barrel get me a significantly faster muzzle velocity? I don't have Quickload and I don't have a chronograph, so I can't answer the question on my own.
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