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Why does each time "shooting at extended ranges" bring out the "can't do that, its no longer self defense" crowd.

Not everything is about self defense. Some of us like to shoot for "fun".

Shooting long range is "fun". But it certainly wont hurt your abilities with a "self defense" pistol.

Years ago, our club started shooting Pistol Metallic Silhouette. 50, 100, 150, and 200 yards. I was still working as a cop at the time. In stead of buying some fancy long range pistol, I shoot the matches with my 4 in Model 28 Duty revolver. Granted I didn't do as well as those who took it seriously, plus my 150 grn SWCs wouldn't knock over those rams at 200 when I hit them. But the benefit was what it did to my shooting at normal pistol ranges. Long ranges forced you to concentrate on your fundamentals, that carried forward to my training for my job. Really increased my qualification scores.

I'm not in the LE or Military game any more, nor am I dead, I still like to shoot, I shoot for fun, shooting long distance with a 642 is fun. Will I ever need to shoot 100 + yards in SD? No of course not but that doesn't mean there isn't targets or gongs that need shot.

But it happens all the time, someone mentions shooting long range with a pistol and the topic always comes to "that's not justified for self defense"

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