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Im with COuntzero 100% on this one. I can see very clearly where the line was crossed. I can see very clearly why he was convicted of the crime he was charged with.

But I can't help but empathize Ersland in some ways. And I especially can't help feeling bad when watching the interviews, as I believe it was also COuntzero who pointed out, you could tell that a few of the wires in his brain had been disconnected. Like he actually believed what he was saying, or he was describing a dream.

But I won't be joining the crowd who calls him evil. Misguided, definitely. But subtract the security tape and give Mr Ersland a few of his marbles back so he can keep a story together, and he probably would have been cleared. And then losers like us who have nothing better to do than cluck around in our internet henhouse would have called him a hero.

Legally, I know that Mr Ersland committed 1st degree murder. Ideologically, I don't quite see it this way. I feel that the most severe murder punishments should be reserved for the serial-killer type criminals. Call him a cold blooded killer, but there is a difference between this man and a man who sneaks into a house a 2am and slits a 10 year old girls throat.

His actions were very wrong. But I would need to have access or extremely clear evidence to something nobody here does - his mindset and true motive behing shooting the robber on the ground. Because while his actions very well may have been revenged based, its not something that anyone but Mr Ersland actually knows.

I cant shoot a rabbit and let it kick around on the ground for 5 seconds without shooting it till it stops moving. l can't stand to watch things suffer. Now a human is not an animal. But in some ways this could have made it even harder in that aspect, watching a kid in a pool of blood who had been shot in the head squirm around dying slowly.

Now please people. Im not saying that was the thought process. Again, noone here knows it. I am just exploring possibilites. I also realize that that is inconsisent with anything Ersland said. But, I would be surprised if Ersland didn't know that he had done something wrong during or after the incident, and he may have been trying to think fast.

Again, and I emphazie this, I know what happened. And I agree with the verdict. There are multiple valid points on this thread by multiple members from multiple views. The case itself just makes me sick.
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