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In 1943, Walther was still making guns of decent qualilty, though they had started to take shortcuts in finish and fitting by late in the year.

If the magazines are actually matching (not "forced matched" by a dealer at some point) they add considerably to the value of the gun.
Actually one of the shortcuts was no longer numbering the mags. Only B block AC42 guns and earlier had the serialed mags. The indivdual small parts were also no longer waffenamt marked and the finish was a duller military finish starting with AC42 vs the earlier high finished P38s. I am not sure how many if any of the BYF/SVW or CYQ P38 mags were numbered to guns. IIRC, BYF police P38 mags were numbered to guns which I think was done by the Nazi police aka after the factory. I know I never saw a CYQ mag with a SN on the bottom, but never say never with the third reich.

Original AC 43 mags would be marked "P38" (or possibly P38v) on the left with the base plate pointed left with Eagle over "359" on the spine of the mag. E/135 was for Mauser aka BYF and later SVW, and E/88 was Spreewerke aka CYQ. "JVD" is a common stamping which was on WWII czech replacement mags.

The AC 43 itself is a very common varation of the P38 with 100k made. Me and my collector friend each have one. I will look at the pics when I get home and maybe give you a value estimate. If the gun is as you say, its a good P38 (matching and non-import marked), but not a great one either due to the high production. Other variations of the AC 43 including the AC with 43 stamping to the right, instead of vertical are a little more sought after.
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