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Me and you share the same kinda boss icedog ...and it is true I may fall hit my head and have a whole new aspect on life ( not saying y'all are wrong in believing what you do )..but as the old saying goes..fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me...I have already been told by numerous people that I have trust issues..but that has served me well..after all you have to trust someone to be betrayed and I really only trust 1 of my 4 friends..much less a bunch of people that I don't know and im supposed to trust them with my life..I worry about doing that with doctors enough just in a lose lose situation..oh well its life
Two weapons that was designed by the same man still in use by the us military 100 years later...1911 and there anything that comes annd maybe perhaps a sig sauer p226 tac ops edition..
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