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We won't know until it all plays out. Time marches on and some memories fade.

I do believe a sharp lawyer will appeal and he will walk. We had a case in Arizona where a man shot and killed another while hiking. The man shot was walking some dogs off leash and the dogs purportedly came after the shooter who shot in front of the dogs to back them off and was set upon by the person walking the dogs, who was shot and killed.

Everyone thought the shooter would get off because of the circumstances. It did not happen and the shooter was sentenced to prison.

If memory serves, he was there about 5 years.

There was a retrial and the shooter is out.

There is not a good outcome for either one in this case at this point and certainly no good outcome for the guy killed in the drug store.

I am sure the jury heard a lot more than most of us and based their verdict on the information they had.

Much like the uproar over the Casey Anthony trial. The verdict, many thought would be a slam dunk for the prosecution. It wasn't.

The American system of justice is far from perfect, but is pretty good when compared to others.

I can accept the verdict returned by the jury.

I still believe a smart lawyer is going to find some wiggle room and justify a retrial.

I am betting some time and a change of venue will return a different result.

OTOH. . .I have been wrong before!

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