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Originally Posted by geetarman
I don't think the pharmacist should walk free. I AM saying a smart lawyer is going to appeal and my guess is the pharmacist is going to walk.

That was my take on the news reports fairly early on. I believed he'd broken the law, but I just didn't believe a jury in OK would convict him for it. And if they did convict, I was almost positive it would be some lesser offense, like manslaughter, rather than first-degree murder.

I was wrong.

Of course there will be an appeal or six, since there's no such thing as a "perfect trial" and a determined lawyer can always find grounds for an appeal -- at least as long as the client's money holds out. There might even be a retrial.

But even if there is a retrial, unless there's evidence of dramatic malfeasance getting this initial conviction, I doubt he'll walk. It's a very solid case with a lot of very public evidence.

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