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chadstrickland, wasn't insulted by earlier posts but thanks. I do understand why people are sympathetic in the case. Hell, part of me is too. To a point though. I also agree with the principle of assisted suicides. But the fact is, it's against the law. No, the law isn't perfect but it's what we have. If we don't abide by it,and take it upon ourselves to mete out what we deem as justice, then our society has the potential to implode. The old west is gone, as much as we think that there was honor in that lifestyle. Posses, lynchings, gunfights, how many of these were done in the name of that honor? Were all the right people the subjects of these? If we allow things like these to perpetuate, then are we any better as a society than those we condemn for stonings, honor killings,and the like? Mahatma Ghandi I think said, "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind." Might have been said before that, but that's who I was taught said it. I don't know if any have said it better.
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