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The Saturday after the verdict went down, I was taking an Oklahoma Self-Defense Act course (CC prereq) at H&H Gun Range in OKC. Part of the course is an attorney (relatively experienced in these type of cases and a CC holder to boot) going over the Act with a fine-toothed comb. During one of the breaks, someone asked him about the shooting, and he felt the guy could have walked if he had kept his mouth shut. He could have testified (you can't be cross-examined on lies you don't tell) and they could have brought in expert testimony to point out that people in high-stress situations don't always do rational things. But then he had to blab to every media outlet in the lower 48 and shot that line of thinking all to hell.

During the lunch break, several attractively dressed young ladies were walking around the store with a petition to ask for a pardon. Didn't seem to have any reaction when I told them I agreed with the jury verdict.
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