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Posts: 537 not offended..and im sorry for trying to insult you earlier ...I do agree with the first shot..and if I said the other five where where wrong I ment I understand them to be illegal..I agree with them as well...I am a law abiding citizen...and the reason thats so is because I have never been in a situation that I had to choose from doing somthing that is right but illegal..and I hope I never have I said before I truly believe in the idea of the law and what it stands for..but it has done been corrupted and perverted to the extent that it is not always right..and it will be a very cold day in hell before I do time for somthing I didn't do..I promise you I have rarely been that scared when I thought and almost did go to prison for something I didn't do..why wouldn't they believe me detectives that I used to believe in so dearly telling me that the evidence was saying I shot my brother...I couldn't understand it..I thought the law would save me from way a innocent person could go to prison like that....I will never trust it again..ever.....I come from a place where things are black and white ( not being racist ) right and wrong....I did not see anything wrong with what the pharmacist worst a mercy killing...just like when you run over a snake with your pick up truck and you get out and shoot it....I don't agree with paying the robbers medical bills the rest of his life when there are good people that havnt did nothing wrong that need it more than he does....
Two weapons that was designed by the same man still in use by the us military 100 years later...1911 and there anything that comes annd maybe perhaps a sig sauer p226 tac ops edition..
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