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I don't think it matters, I think there is some venting that goes on in a lamentable situation like this. What does it matter if every single person sees evry single facet of this case logically and that all of their statements are completely consistent logically?

There's a lot to be ****** off about in this incident.

Logically I know that the mother of the deceased has a right under the law to sue for her loss. Probably the coporation behind that pharmacy is going to make her rich... I can't help being angry about that too. She "raised" a fricken hooligan who ran wild on the streets terrorizing society, obviously she had other priorties instead of tending to his upbringing otherwise would he have turned into a murderous theif? But now all of a sudden she's just a grief striken momma - grievin over her po baby... It's hard to say on the one hand that yes - under the law she has a right to sue for her loss and to even say that logically if you understand the law and it is adjudicated properly - she should be compensated, and then also on the other hand have all the emotion that comes behind it in that she's getting rich off of this situation. It's hard to be completely logically consistent in these debates.
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