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I got around 2600 with factory Remington 140gr CoreLokt ammo.
More than acceptable.

I was looking to load 145 or 160 grain Speer boat tails to 30/30 velocities ...... looks like that will be easy- might even have to reduce the charge or use a quicker powder.......... the top powders listed in the Speer #13 manual are pretty slow- W760, Re19, H414, and the various 4350's,and 4831's ...... powders that have worked well for my .270 with 130 gr bullets..... I did a bit of poking about on the net and read where IMR 4064 gave slightly slightly lower velocities than one of the above powders, but with less flash and bang ........ I'll probably try that, as well as the slower ones that I have already.

Next question: How different in performance, in your experience, are W760 and H414?
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