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If you have been following NRA News, then you already know that Wayne LaPierre addressed the UN yesterday and demanded that civilian firearms be excluded entirely from the scope of the Arms Trade Treaty. He also pointed out that there was no way such a treaty would be ratified by the Senate. Other nations that are now skeptical about the treaty appear to be China and Russia (which is no suprise since they are primary traffickers of actual military small arms to various conflicts). If Russia and China refuse to join the treaty, that would be a major blow to the Arms Trade Treaty.

Finally, the NRA is circulating a letter to President Obama signed by the various United States Senators indicating that they will not ratify any Arms Trade Treaty that includes civilian firearms in its scope and that a 12ga over/under should not face the same regulations as a military helicopter loaded with ordnance. This should be an easy sell for your Senator in the sense that it is not a binding vote and gains him or her some easy pro-RKBA credit. Please take a moment to contact your Senator and let them know you would like to see their name on that letter. It also demonstrates to the President that the Arms Trade Treaty lacks the votes to be ratified in the Senate.
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