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i haven't read anything in depth about it as you seem to have. the video doesn't show a whole lot.
Okay, for the second time in this thread, see the following video. Prater specifically states that there is evidence from the medical examiner and forensic evidence from the scene that the downed suspect wasn't moving about.

at the same time, the defense can bring in their own experts to say the pool of blood can be interpreted different ways. no smears in the blood around his head doesn't mean his hand wasn't raised with a gun in it. there's just too many factors to consider.
They could have, only they didn't have an expert to testify that the suspect remained perfectly still while still raising the imaginary gun that he didn't have that would have been necessary to justify Ersland shooting him.

So this gun that the expert would testify the robber raised. Where did the robber get it? It wasn't seen in the video when he came in. And what happened to this gun? The only indication that it was ever there was based on Ersland's statements. Of course, Ersland's statements have been full of fabrications such as claiming that the suspects shot at him and that he was shot by them. He claimed to have killed lots of people in Desert Storm and been wounded in a morter attack whilst his service record shows he was at Altus AFB in OK.

So since you are so sure the downed suspect had a gun as well, how about producing it. Nobody else can.

what was the definitive proof that led to his conviction anyway?
LOL, aside from what OldMarksman has covered well in summary and which is all public information and covered multiple times already, a better question would be what proof do YOU see lacking? The jury had no problem with the information, so what is it that you know that indicates that Ersland fired those 5 shots in self defense? Was it is casual demeanor as he walked by the unconscious suspect multiple times? Was it how he turned his back on him several times? Was it how he casually walked over and executed him?
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