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From the Fox News article, I'm not so sure Operation Castaway is another Fast and Furious. It does merit some scrutiny, however.

I did find one particular paragraph a bit puzzling:
The lengthy court document states that the ATF noticed Crumpler's numerous purchases in a national firearms database -- it turned out he was later selling them at gun shows. According to the plea agreement, the ATF had an undercover agent buy from Crumpler and later observed the suspect at several gun shows in late 2009, selling to numerous buyers without a license.
Read more:

So, it appears Crumpler was an unlicensed dealer selling guns at gun shows. What national database would they have that would track the number of guns he was buying? I was under the impression the record of background checks were not kept. The registration forms themselves are kept only by the local dealer. So, what's up with this?
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