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Thanks for the info on the 6 position and recoil issues. I honestly hadnt planned on a 6 position. Just used it as an example. Its likely ill pick one of the more advanced Magpul items, beef it up with a recoil pad also, and hopefully that would fix it. I do all my own gunsmithing, so it shouldnt be a problem.

Yes i looked into semis, pumps, and bolts. if i get a semi it would be the Saiga, which ive chosen again. and NO to bolts. haha. the pump came down the the keltec KSG and these two. The KSG isnt out yet, so its knocked out.

Let me specify, hunting would be a secondary need here. Just a "I think ill go with a shotgun today." My .308 is my primary hunting rifle. This would probably see mostly range use.
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