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Magpul PRS or a 6 position.
A 6 position stock on a .223/5.56 is one thing. My AR wears one........

I would not recommend one on a shotgun. 12 ga recoil is a very different animal than 5.56. That adjustable stock will tend to bite into the cheekbone and make shooting your shotgun less than fun. Even if you're used to running a six position stock on an AR10 pattern rifle in .308 or the like you're still talking about a gas-operated rifle that eats part of the recoil energy before it feeds the rest to you. With an 870 you eat all of it. It's best served on a solid dish.......

A good wood or solid synthetic stock properly fitted to the shooter is much better. I have 5 870's right now at Casa de RR. Of the 5, 2 wear synthetic stocks made by Speedfeed. One is the solid version, one is the version with shellholders. They both work, though if I were buying one I'd buy the solid one and a sidesaddle for spare ammo. The one I have with shellholders came on the gun that way and I haven't hated it enough yet to change it.

My other 3 870's wear wood stocks. One of those rides around in my truck as a get-me-the-h-e-doublehockeysticks-back-home gun. It's a 1970's era 2 3/4" only Wingmaster with an 18" barrel that was a police department trade in. I got it for 179.00, replaced the beat up wood stocks with nicer ones from my spares bin, and a supercell recoil pad, and installed a Marbles Tritium Bead for ~35.00. It works nicely as is without a bunch of fancy rails and flip up sights.

Of course, at the end of the day it's your money to spend and if you want to ninja up an 870 it's your prerogative, but you've received sage advice here from some of the shotgun guru's of this board (the fellows above me, not me!). I'd listen to them.....
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