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Remington 870 Build

I've never owned a shotgun, or fired one, but have a pretty good collection of rifles, so though im no where near new to the world of firearms, i have no idea what im doing with this shotgun. Originally the Saiga12 was all that was on my mind, but after some long thinking and price gouging, i've decided i really cant justify the buy.

One reason is because i plan on using this rifle mainly for fun at the range and such, but i also plan on using it for hunting and home defense.

After much thought and research, the Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 caught my eye, and the 870 is on top as of now.

Since i never buy a firearm and use it as is out of the box, i was hoping i could get some ideas for mods i can do on this shotgun. Is there anything i should know about it as far as performance mods, or specific tweaks for my named uses?

Here is something along the lines of what i plan on doing:

I know what the actual parts are, but i was wondering how they managed to get these on a 870. Does an 870 accept AR pistol grips?! Is there a specific version i need to buy of this to handle all the changes i want to make? Thanks.
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