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A 32 H&R MAG Model 431PD or 432PD with a scandium alloy aluminum frame and titanium six-shot cylinder would approach 11 ounces empty. The ultimate balance between ballistics and weight, perhaps the ideal pocket gun
Hello Secret Agent Man
I thought so too. A Few Years ago I gave a Mint Model 14-2 Target Masterpiece in .38 Special for my 431 P.D. S&W had it right making this gun and the P.D. Meant Persoanl Defense but for some Odd reason I guess low sales they discontinued it. Mine came brand new to me in box and has been carried in a Pocket rig since the day I got it every day with me... Hammer It
"Yeah, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, ... I shall Fear no Evil, as I carry with me My Loaded S&W"..
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