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This story just gets curiouser and curiouser. Now we have a DOJ official stating that directions came from Holder and Obama. Subpoena time maybe?
The author of that piece is confusing Project Gunrunner with Fast and Furious. "Fast and Furious" is the program where guns were walked to Mexico by Phoenix ATF. It was one of 4,500 programs funded under the aegis of Project Gunrunner, which has been running since 2006. So knowing about and referencing Project Gunrunner isn't the same as knowing about "Fast and Furious" - though the big question now is "What were those aggressive changes to Project Gunrunner and did they contribute to "Fast and Furious?"

Right now we know "Fast and Furious" went wrong. We also have some credible allegations against "Castaway" out of the Tampa ATF, and based on the statement's of Carter's Country attorney and the Washington Post's December 15th story, it looks like Houston ATF may have let some guns walk as well. However, the only program with hard evidence against it at the moment is "Fast and Furious."
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