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This happened in the town in which I live. To say it was shocking is an understatement. Anna is very much like a Mayberry, and is very pro-gun, albeit mostly sporting/hunting, in spite of being very Democratic.

Hopefully, this tragedy can result in what is Constitutionally a right, and Illinois having to eat a bit of crow on it's draconian ways up north.

I found this post at interesting,

Originally Posted by Sidartha
As far as Constitutional Carry and License To Carry all one has to do is read the lawsuits filed.

Lets pretend for a moment that the ISRA and the SAF are not enemies. That in order to achieve their shared goal they may have talked to each other about their respective lawsuits. And that perhaps they actually coordinated their efforts and have a shared, mutually beneficial strategy.

That strategy might entail presenting different arguments to different courts in different federal districts. It might be that there are lawsuits already in the federal court system whose ruling might affect one argument more than it might another. They(the ISRA and SAF) might have even considered that by presenting two different arguments to the SCOTUS they allow the SCOTUS to essentially choose whether it wants to issue a broad or a narrow ruling thus gaining a victory while still hedging their bets.

Could any part of that be the reasoning behind different lawsuits? Not being a lawyer, I'm curious as to if this line of thinking might be more accurate then one would initially think. And if it is, is it as smart as one would think it appears to be?

In short, I hope Illinois RTC gets passed, ASAP. While I'm currently LEO, my wife can only "transport" her firearm, legally, and practice "7 seconds to safety". It's better then nothing, but I'd rather her be able to do some work as immediately as possible, without the extras steps.

Docket for Shepard vs Madigan

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