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H...Even given that the Permanent Injunction is granted... what do you all think Illinois' response will be?

Wanna bet they adopt a MD or NJ "May Issue" scheme, the more restrictive the better (a la Chicago)?
The powers that be working on our side here in IL aren't really thinking about may issue. With all of the wins in the recent years we have a lot of steam pushing us forward.

There is already a may issue bill, HB3794. The bill is a logistical nightmare that will require people to violate their own fifth amendment right against self incrimination. The bill sucks and I emailed the three sponsors of it telling them so, in polite terms. Rep. Mitchell, the lead sponsor, agrees that HB148 is far more desirable. He also stated that the only reason he came up with HB3794 was to appease some constituents who were just fed up with where we are now.

They along with the rest of us are waiting to see what comes of the other current cases, primarily Shepard vs. Madigan.

The NRA doesn't support the may issue bill at all. There is no reason that any person in IL that wants RTC should think that may issue is needed.
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