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Sports should be fun,,,

You know, there's a whole heckuva lot more to shooting sports than just target accuracy.
You're preaching to the choir my friend.

Way too many folk take competition too seriously,,,
In my not-so-humble opinion it sucks the fun out of a sport.

It gets worse when prizes are offered,,,
People forget the spirit of the game,,,
And use guile to gain advantage.

It's like when one SASS shooter is playing the spirit of the game,,,
He shoots .45 Colt loaded to normal cowboy velocities,,,
But the next guy is shooting .38 powderpuff loads,,,
Thinking he will get back onto the target faster.

I am a leather worker and often will make some small thing for a prize,,,
But before I donate I make the sponsors play by my rules,,,
The winners of the match get a recognition certificate,,,
Then all of the competitors names go in a big hat.

No matter how poorly they did in the scoring,,,
Everyone has an equal chance of winning a nice prize,,,
I truly believe that this practice gets more people on the line.

You wouldn't believe how excited people get over these KeySlingers.

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