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See if you can find any websites and links to the tune of Local clubs have flexible rules and they might compare or contrast to the official NRA rules. Some clubs shoot a "hunter" or a "standard" class. Others don't.
I'm pretty sure the NRA rules permit any manner of scope you desire. However, your local club could have matches set up differently. I follow the local rules if I shoot a club match, but this sort of shooting can produce a lot of misses and the shooters don't enjoy having zero hits. For this reason, I set up my own matches. I allow anything. We use regulation targets but the distances are roughly cut in half. Optics, open sights, scopes, all are allowed. More kids and more elders have more hits. It keeps them wanting to participate and have a good time. NRA rules do not allow a bench rest. If an older person that can't hold steady wants to shoot, I allow a bench rest. We all opt to use a bench rest or not. Doesn't matter. Just changes the scoring. I'll shoot offhand while a buddy uses a rest. Doesn't matter. No matter who gets the best score that round, we still have a good time out with our 22's. If my Dad wants to compete using his rifle from a rest while I shoot my Browning pistol off hand, I don't care. He gets a kick out of nailing a few chickens to my misses. Then he starts in with his deer hunting stories. You know, there's a whole heckuva lot more to shooting sports than just target accuracy.
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