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Thanks for the tips my friend,,,

I am confused about the sport in itself,,,
It seems that there are many variations to the rules.

At my Rifle & Pistol club the shooters are using "traditional" rifles with iron sights.

You see a lot of the Stevens rolling block rifles,,,
And many people with very pricey target style rifles.

They shoot the chickens standing up,,,
The other targets they can kneel, sit, or go prone,,,
A few of the shooters use those shooting sticks when sitting.

I'm not as involved as they are,,,
I have a Henry Accubolt with the included 4x scope.

I'll set up at the ranges you specified,,,
And see how I can do with ten shots per target.

Again, thanks for the tips,,,
I'll zero on the turkey and see how it works.


P.S. I chuckled because my Mom always used the word animule.
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