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You will find good quality standard ammo has a predictable trajectory. I mentioned zeroing on the turkey. If you have a BDC scope you can have your POA /POI the same, on center for each animule. No I didn't spell it wrong, I just like that word. A typical bullet drop compensation goes like this: set zero and index marks to be on center for the chicken, come up about 2 inches for the pig, come up another 3 inches for the turkey, then up another 4 inches for the ram. A bullet drop of 8 inches, maybe 9 inches is about right. Once you decide you really enjoy this sport, you can begin to trick out your rifle. As one example, you can mount your scope with a 4 or 5 MOA downward cant. This gives you bullet drop compensation built in at your base or rings. It gives you some offset and flexibility for your sighting in because you already have about a ballpark 4 inches of drop compensated for due to the way the scope is installed. As an example, I mentioned chicken foot, pig belly, turkey body, ram back. With 4 MOA BDC built in, you aiming points will be closer to center. Something like this: You might be on the chicken, on the pig, and on the turkey. Still low for the ram. I make copies of paper animules for bullet and sighting evaluations. Multiple images of each on a sheet of paper gives you good feedback on where you aim and where you hit. Once you dial in your hardware on paper, then when you go out with a buddy, you'll be nailing the swingers.
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