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From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette of 12 July, by-lined The Washington Post, article headlined "Gun-control measure monitors border state rifle sales". The text of the article can be read on line at

The first paragraph reads, "The Obama administration implemented its most controversial gun measure to date Monday, ordering dealers in four South-western states to report multiple sales of semi-automatic rifles to the federal firearms bureau".

One wonders as to whether this "federal firearms bureau" might possibly be those wonderful folks down there, in some corner of DOJ, the BATFE? Having seen this, one wonders as to what might be next, possibly some even more interesting executive orders?

Strikes me that the following needs to take place, and it needs to take place now rather than later. The offices of congress members and U.S. Senators need to disappear under piles of emails protesting Obama's anti gun stunt. The phone wires need to melt under the overload caused by phone calls from constituents, angry constituents. By the way, re phone contact with "elected things", the toll free number for Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044, as memory serves.

Letters To The Editor at newspapers might well be worth while too. If Obama et al get away with this stunt, who or what might stop additional transgressions?

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