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So the two armed youn MEN came into his store and threaten him with his life and instead of pacifically giving in to it like the media suggests we all do, he stood up for himself. And now he's going to jail.

I'm so disappointed that the message people take away from this is to not defend themselves. The media says "Let the thieves take your possessions and what you've worked so hard for, it's not worth somebody's life (except maybe yours)." I say BS to that. I think the message should be more like: DON'T ROB PEOPLE.

From what I hear people say about the video ( it stopped half-way for me) it sounds like it wasn't necessary that he pumped 5 more rounds into the criminal. But I think it's a little hard to judge someone in that spot. You know how much adrenaline is running thru you at that point? You are undoubtedly outside your mind. The verdict of first degree murder is the travesty here in my opinion. The man's getting life in prison. Life in prison with a bunch of animals. I did a clinical rotation in a maximum security prison...if that's the worst thing that pharmacist has ever done, he doesn't belong in there with those monkeys.

"The rat catcher's too hard on the rats..."- the important word in that sentence is rat, in my opinion.

The coroner testified that the bullet fragment in the brain had rendered the robber dormant, likely to survive, but with issues.
Well that's just BS, you can't tell that without having a live specimen. The guy that said that ought to be ashamed of himself. There is no way you can evaluate that on a dead guy.

Nunc Lento Sonitu Dic*nt, Morieris
The bell tolls for us all my friend, a little sooner for that armed robber. I'll not have my person or possessions molested if I can help it, and I'll not come the the aid of those who do so to my neighbors.
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