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Two things:

1. I've seen folks shoot the full size Ruger version and do just fine.

2. Do you want to shoot a carry gun in IDPA? If so, I see folks and I've shot a Glock 26 and did respectably for me and got trigger time with it.

Jim has a good idea. I shoot a G19 lots of the time, carry the 26 and shoot it once in awhile. I also shoot a 1911 or even a revolver as I regard IDPA as practice trigger time with carry guns and/or guns I like.

Of course, I'm not going to win so it might be cognitive dissonance.

Have fun - where in TX, BTW?
Ideally I'd like to be able to compete with a carry gun but its not a super priority, more of a "neat if I could" situation. My current carry is a .45 Kimber ultracarry, but firing it more than about 15 times at once aggravates an old injury and my hand starts shaking. It gets better after about 35 rounds but is always slightly "twitchy" and I can't compete with that - plus it might get worse.

As noted another option is switching out the Kimber with a smaller CCL version of a larger competition piece if I can find two inexpensive ones. As you noted I doubt I'll be winning things so this is more of a fun thing to do and good practice for that really bad day scenario. Right now I have a Beretta 92 or an S&W 29 (specials only) that can fill the bill, but I am liking the 1911 SAO or near SAO style, and I head heard that the SR9c is tight to the extent of being effectively SAO.

Currently in Austin but work in Houston during the week. Likely mostly do shoots in Houston during the week. I think I've identified two places that have regular monthly events during the week. trying to lock this down and get up to speed with a view towards checking out some once the sheer horror of a Texas July/August summer gets in my rear view mirror.
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