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My gun club tried to go to Hodgdon direct ....vs their dealers...and they required way more than we wanted to order at one time ...( as I recall it was well over 5,000 lbs per order) ....

There is no way - this is going to work out for you / since you want under 100 lbs ... / and they won't risk upsetting one of their local wholesalers for you that volume.

The powder business is booming ...and they're still having problems keeping all of their wholesalers in stock with inventory now ...

Powder isn't the big factor in keeping your cost of reloading down anyway ...the cost is in the bullet or the shot...( bullets make up 8 cents of an 11 cent round for 9mm / or 15 cents of 19 cents in a .45 acp round / 8 - 9 cents in a 15 cent 12ga shotshell..../ buy powder in lots to make it feasable to store it easily ....but shot or bullets in bulk ( tons of shot / or several cases of bullets at a time...) ...
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