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Failure to market

I have a Smith 432 on order. I've been fascinated with the possibilities of the cartridge since its introduction--possibilites which have not been taken advantage of by gunmakers. Where is the ultra-slim, ultra-light 5 shot J frame?--it would be the easiest to carry of any defense-caliber revolver. Where is the 6 or 7 shot J frame, no thicker than a .38? Where is the 10-shot Nightguard? Where is the Marlin Lever-action in that chambering? The Colt Single-action? It's fundamentally a great defense cartridge for revolver lovers but it was not marketed as such. It was hardly marketed at all. I'm ordering this gun for my wife to keep in the nightstand--less recoil that .38 defense rounds. But I'm plan to shoot it a lot myself
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